Don’t speak…

Close your eyes,

Just daydream light.

Sink slowly backward

Through space and time.

Farther than the rampages

Of adolescence…

Back, back beyond that time

When flesh woke to kill

The childhood dreams of

Unicorns’ Horns and

Pegusi wings.



Dream now-

Let banality seek

You out after you’ve

Relived that glorious

Moment when the world

Was your favorite toy.

Back when dragons

Crowded the same sky

Where you once watched the kites.

To a land of fairy tales,

Princes, and queens.  Close

Your eyes and dream again.



Sink back…

Remember puddle-stomping

With trolls lurking near

The bridge of reality.  To

Boogey-men monsters

Lying under your bed.

Back to the time when

Knights always won and

The good guys only wore white.

To castles, demi-gods,

White sand beaches , and sun filled skies,

Before you found out

Which stories were lies.



Just rest…

The morning will come

Again soon enough-

When you discover

Which lies were the truth.

Yes.  Just smile for now,

The present will return.

Be that young child,

For if you ever let go

The withering wonders

your heart once held dear

become the phantoms

seen through your tears.



Wake Slowly…

Hold on to the truth

of your childhood dreams.

Remember always that

Not much is as it first seems.

How many frogs were princes inside?


There’s no need to scream

Remember always

Your childhood dreams

King Midas made gold-

What price did he pay?

True happiness requires

No earthly things.


Listen Quietly-

The faeries still sing.

Watch silently-

A dragon takes wink.

Rise and remember

All the things you have been.

Awake, and see truth again.




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